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Virtual Reality training for IS container glass forming machine operators

IS machine training

Problem Statement

HR teams in modern organizations encounter several issues directly related to personnel training. Considering one or another industry, the list of problems may vary, although the most common issues faced were identified as follows: lack of participation in the learning process, lack of applied knowledge, and tangible gaps in understanding of the workflows upon the completion of standard training utilizing basic techniques.

In the glass-forming industry, one of the integral operational management tasks is the constant process of staff training, specifically, training of future specialists-operators of the glass-forming IS machine. The complexity of this task may seem unclear at first, but let’s look into it more closely, during an extensive study of the industry we learned that there is an increased staff turnover in the IS machine operator position, which creates a headache for operations and HR managers. The complete program of training for glass-forming machine operators lasts on average 1-3 months, these programs consist of extensive training in production processes, setting a goal to cover every single detail, which is with no doubt laborious and resource-intensive process.

Trying to solve this problem, our team at VR Inn decided to introduce Virtual Reality (VR) training to overcome disappointment in terms of inefficient use of resources. The technology of VR training for IS glass-forming machine operators allows the transfer of the real atmosphere of a manufacturing facility in virtual reality, where tenderfoot employees can learn from the first seconds. 

Applying VR Inn’s enterprise training solutions you also protect yourself from the risks associated with damaged equipment and liability to the safety of employees.   

IS machine training in detail

IS machine
Virtual Reality Safety training for container glass forming machine operators

Here in VR Inn, we were haunted by the realization that industrial training programs may last several months, and all the effort may be lost due to the changing circumstances of employees who would leave the position after a couple of months. For this specific reason, we started to work on the development and design of IS machine training to provide the optimal solution for our partners in the glass forming industry. 

IS machine training is designed to shorten the training period of the glass-forming machine operator to a couple of weeks while maintaining all processes that need to be covered in the work with the IS machine. Besides, the VR safety training solutions are offered alongside mastering the knowledge of safety through an offering of precautions at the beginning of each lesson, as well as the step-by-step sequence of actions that need to be taken in the emergency.

The training system is established based on the practical part with the pop-up of the necessary prompts throughout the lesson, followed by reinforcement of received knowledge in the form of the practical test, this time without any hints. This allows the prosperous candidate to apply the obtained knowledge and show the understanding of the passed materials. After each session, the complete results metric will be uploaded to the VR Inn Growth platform and will be accessible to the stakeholders at any time.
Our main task is to create an optimal learning experience in terms of efficiency while keeping the simulated features of the environment as close to real-life conditions with the number of designated tools needed for both stakeholder and trainee. In our practice, we were able to define that the best way in achieving results during the industrial VR training is to provide the opportunity of lessons in VR followed by a short practice on the floor.

The VR training technology is delivered globally by our team, once you decide to switch to the use of technology that will allow you to be effective and cost-efficient, you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest developments in VR for glass-forming operation. With this being said, you’ll receive ready-to-go training aligned with your current equipment. The VR training program consists of a set of lessons covering theory and practice, where an individual approach to plan the training program is created based on the requirements of a specific production. 

Below is one example of the schedule of the VR training, with explanations of machinery and techniques used:
Our VR training is delivered based on our clients’ personal needs and alignments, covering all production processes and settings transferred from the real facility in Virtual Reality. 
Therefore, by using VR technology, the industrial sector can transfer the hot-end tasks into Virtual Reality in tiny detail. This is what allows the implementation of real-life conditions in the process of training your prospective employees.  

VR Inn Growth Platform Outlined

According to our research, we developed a clear understanding of a strong need for the manufacturing sector to have accessibility to interpret the trainees’ performance based on applied skills rather than traditional theoretical knowledge, which can be only tracked and assessed during in-person meetings and results of the written tests. 

Precisely, for this purpose, the VR Inn Growth Platform was created, featuring near life experience with the production machinery for trainees’ during the training, as well as to provide decision-makers with complete analysis metrics, which allow the facilitation of the more relaxed, although accurate decision-making process.   

Useful features of the VR Inn Growth Platform:
  • Supervision of trainees;
  • Analytics based on collected data in Virtual Reality training;
  • Virtual Reality test results. Find out at what points the trainee made a mistake, what actions he took, and what the mistake would lead to in the real play;
  • Analytics-driven, proceeding with the best prospects becomes achievable.

How does the VR learning process work? 

The registered in-charge manager on the VR Inn Growth Platform may add employees to the admin panel and assign them to the appropriate training program. 
In the designated training space, training employees must put on the Oculus Quest 2 headset, then enter personal data and start the training process.

The VR training is started with Safety Instructions, followed by practice workflows with necessary hints. After the practice is finished, the trainee will be asked to complete a few tests to check the progress of the covered materials in the lesson. The final testing implies passing all workflow processes in the test mode (no hints are shown), followed by a continuous 4-hour linework shift. During all time spent in the VR training, the system collects all applicable results data for every user and is stored in the VR Inn Growth platform for easy access and assessment by the decision-maker.   

Employees who passed the VR training program are:

Source: PWC

IS machine training Benefits

  • Training duration lasts only 3 weeks;
  • The educational process is guided and divided into separate learning blocks;
  • The ability for operators to train independently. The program is designed in a way to keep the learning process solid without interventions from a trainer;
  • Multiple people can be trained simultaneously in VR, each participant with a personal headset;
  • You can tune the learning plan based on your needs from the already created processes; 
  • Setup your VR training environment identical to the real-life facility, machinery, and tools; 
  • The Final Test lasts several hours. Therefore, the trainee will have to go through a completely working line and repetition without prompts to assess their knowledge.